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The Bea-sitting, Bea-Mother and Angel

Bea heard me discussing the baby’s baptism the other day and decided that rather then have my sister and brother-in-law as the baby’s god-parents, she would like to take the role on.  Since then it has been non-stop Bea-sitting every time I turn around.

Seriously though, Bea is a little obsessed with our little man.  She sleeps under his cradle at night, follows me around like I’m a baby thief, and gives him her love filled baths every chance she gets.

I feel so lucky that Bea has taken on this role as Bea-Mother and am preparing for her to be annoyed when she doesn’t receive the invitation to the baptism.  Julia, you have some competition.  I was concerned that she might be jealous and mad that her role as the “baby in the family” had been hijacked but, feel incredibly lucky that instead she’s decided to treat him like her very own baby.  Albert on the other hand, still is confused as to why there is anyone else in this house aside from him, Alex and me included.

I’m still very sad everyday that my dear Henry isn’t here.  I know he would have been so proud to have Zander as a brother.  I actually probably would have trusted him to babysit.  Not, of course, that I don’t trust my little Bea.  I know my dear Henry is looking down on us every day, passing Bea tips on what to do and what not to do.  Albert, he’s probably bribing with treats in exchange for good behavior.  Whatever is going on, I’m sure of one thing.  I have lots of angels surrounding me.


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  1. Carol #

    Henry is watching you every minute of every day and is sharing experiences in a different way. He’s in heaven where nothing can ever hurt him and someday you’ll all be reunited when the time is right.
    Shortly after i lost my golden Alex, many years ago, as i was walking back into my house with my other golden Zack, I heard Alex bark, he had a very unique barkk that made me turn and look for him. That made me a true believer that loved ones, either 2 legged or 4 legged never really leave you.
    Rest assured, Henry is watching everything!

    May 21, 2012
    • Carol, thank you so much for sharing that with me. It’s such a very sweet story. Its amazing how loved ones we’ve lost have their way of showing us they’re still watching over us. Henry certainly is my guardian angel.

      May 21, 2012
  2. He’s totally looking down on you wishing he could share those moments with you and your family. He’s with you in spirit my dear. xo

    January 17, 2012


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