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A Cousin Picture

My grandparents were always obsessed with taking “Cousin Pictures”. I assume this is normal in all families but, that might just be because it’s now ingrained in my brain that anytime you’re all in the same spot, a photo is imminent. This remains true for our family at weddings, funerals, and every time in between.

Here are a few examples of our tortured childhood-

Lake Placid

Staten Island

cottage- this one we sat for for about an hour and then had to retake because there was no "film in the camera" the first time.

I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise last week when my mother requested a “Cousin Picture”. My older sister and I were away on vacation together and it was the first time my mom’s grandchildren (the cousins) were together. One would think it would be a simple request to fulfill. We could have taken the photo when the boys first met and Mac (Julia’s son) was so sweet and excited to meet “baby Zander”, when both boys were in a good mood, or when we were on the beach and had a beautiful background to create a memorable photo. You would think that after a lifetime of taking cousin photos, we would have been smart about it. We were not.

As Julia and her family were literally jumping in the car we all remembered the photo. At that point most people would forget about it and say, we’ll get it next time. The boys will be together at Easter, let’s do it then? The problem with this is that my mother would have thought we did it on purpose, based on our reluctancy to take these photos in the past.

So, we took the photo. I had to be cropped out because Mac decided “baby Zander” was no longer adorable.

Not the best photo but, we got the job done. Our grandparents would be proud.













Here are a few pictures from our trip, I was ready to go back the second we left!

xxx, Maggie

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  1. Cindy Yoakum #

    Did not have “cousin pictures” per se, but my mom always loved taking pictures of family and the food on the tables. I thought that was funny, but it must have meant something to her generation to remember the feast we would enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing your family pictures. Family customs are all good.

    Cindy in northern Illinois

    February 22, 2012


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