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Thanks For Showing Bea The Love

I have been extremely busy today.  After pouring myself out of bed I manage to do one of my favorite weekend activities,  making breakfast for the family.  This is a very serious breakfast, including 2 different kinds of dog food, milk in a bottle, eggs and bacon.  After that things got really serious.  We played catch, even took a shower and then…sat on the couch and didn’t get up.  I am not regularly quite so lazy but, Alex is preparing for a pretty big race from SF to Kauai and was out practicing for the day.  That = perfect reason for Al & Bea to teach Zander to be a couch potato.  Worked for me.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen OPERATION REPO or SOUTH BEACH TOW, tune your channel to truTV ASAP.  They’re 100% worth wasting a Sunday for. Not Reality, Actuality.

Ok, I will get to my point.  I wasn’t meaning to make all of you as bored and as deadbeat as I have been today.

While I was teaching my son to be a couch potato, I was looking for a photo that I thought I posted on here a while back (turns out I didn’t or was too lazy to find it).  At any rate, while looking for this picture I came across something on beamakesthree, which shows me where our readers come from! Maybe not exciting to you..(because you know where you live already)-BUT, Bea, Al, Z, and I were VERY excited to learn a little bit about our readers.

We want to thank all of you for your support and tell you how honored we are that you come back day after day to check in with us!

Vinaka!,Merci beaucoup!,Danke,Efharisto poli!,Dėkoju!,Puno hvala!,Domo arigato!,Mulţumesc!,Yuscotoya!,
Ngiyabonga!,Tänan!,Köszönöm!,Dios ti agngina!,Dhanyawaadagalu!,Aw bon uija!,Namasmasuk!,Motehshakeram!
This is all my very poor attempt to say thank you in some of your languages! 
Thank you for your support!

With sleeping boy wonder on our very busy day.

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