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My Stoner Golden?

All of my memories of Henry are good ones. Bittersweet but, good. I would never want to not think about the wonderful times with him and how dearly I loved him. And how much, I am pretty sure, he loved me.

I was remembering some really great times with him recently because I was going through all of my photos and trying to organize my “dog pictures”. I came across this one and almost had a heartattack laughing. Though, the day it happened, I wasn’t laughing at all.

It was sometime in the middle of one of those NYC brutal winters. Lots of ice, parking rules suspended, 10 feet of snow. 2008, I think. Alex was away on a sailing trip and I was hanging out with one of my favorite people, my cousin (lets call him DC for his sake). At any rate, DC and I had planned to go out for dinner and to a comedy club. He lived fairly nearby and I was lucky enough to spend lots of time with him over the years I lived in Manhattan. DC also spent lots of time with Henry and Albert, often dog-sitting for them when I was out of town. What I’m trying to say is that my dear DC is 100% reliable, honest, loving and would never do a thing to harm me or the dogs. He often goes too far out of his way for those he loves.

So there we were, catching up quickly at my apt. before heading out. DC gave the dogs lots of kisses and pats hello and we headed out for some good fun. We had a great time (as we always did) and headed back to my apt. so DC could grab his bag (he’d come from work and changed at my place). When we arrived, we saw the Henry pictured above. He doesn’t normally look like that.

Clearly, I had a heart attack and assumed the worst. Henry had found poison and eaten it. Was someone was trying to kill him? I panicked. DC and I searched the apartment, trying desperately to find what had attacked poor Hen. We searched and searched and found nothing. Finally, DC found something of his own that was missing.

By the end of the night, I had called 3 emergency vet clinics and realized that there was no way that we could get this adorable 80lb. golden 8 blocks in the blizzardy NYC night.

The vet said not to worry, pot wears off in dogs eventually too.


Miss and love you dearly DC!

Hen, I love all memories with you in them.

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  1. Cindy Yoakum #

    I am so sorry your Henry is gone, but this picture must have brought a happy memory. I was thinking he had a few tennis balls in his mouth, but when I finished reading the post I couldn’t help but say out loud, Awwwww. Showed the picture to my husband and he was smiling. We had a golden named Toby which was our first golden. I loved that dog. He was such a good pup. Miss him every day.

    March 21, 2012


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