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The Baby Nurse

I’m pretty sure I’ve cracked the code.  Baby sleep training & dog crate training? – Totally the same thing. I just really wish I wasn’t doing both at the moment.

About three seconds after we found out little Zander would be joining our family, my sweet mother in law generously offered to get us a baby nurse.  We stupidly turned her down.  Let another woman raise our child? Let someone else spend those precious nighttime hours with him!?! Did everyone think we couldn’t do it ourselves??? Did everyone think that we couldn’t figure it out as parents had for….ever?! There would be no baby nurse in our house and that….was that.

Then Grandpa chimed in.

He was genuinely very concerned and as he is 92, we listened for the sake of not arguing. We decided to “get” a baby nurse to calm Grandpa’s nerves but- we would use her only as a babysitter.  Someone to come a day or two during the week so I could go to the gym, the grocery store alone maybe? Everyone would be happy.

What fools we were.

Now, there was the nurse we interviewed who spoke of the illegal herbs her mom brought in from Kenya that she gives to the babies she watches.  There was also the nurse who told us how she puts clients newborn babies on their stomachs but, just doesn’t tell the parents.  “Oh! But, of course I wouldn’t do that with your baby.”

Then, there was “Rach”, as Bea likes to call her.

Rachel made 99% of our meals the past 6 months, cleaned Zander’s room, became my therapist, Bea & Al’s pal, our house manager, and best of all, our new friend.  Not only does Rachel not use herbal meds on our baby but, she is a Registered Nurse, has every CPR certification under the sun, is a lactation consultant, postpartum doula, midwife and… her resume said she spoke Spanish but- I never heard her speak a word of it so, it’s possible she’s lying.

I guess what I’m getting at here is that, although I’m super happy to have such an educated new friend, we really miss Rach.  After 6 wonderful months of being spoiled, Rach has left us to work as an RN, where she can utilize her overwhelming credentials.  I even told her we’d have another baby just to keep her and I’d work on getting depressed or something.  She didn’t bite.

We knew we’d miss Rach but, after the past week of sleep training/crate training, Bea is even asking me why she’s not here.

Words of wisdom: Take generous mother in laws up on everything.  Try to get yourself a Rach. I’d give you her number but, if she changes her mind about this whole RN business, we’re keeping her for ourselves.


(I’m joking for the most part – Zander is just a little cranky when he goes down for his nap-I promise I’m not leaving him to scream for hours)






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