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Solo Transpac Start Line!

Around 1pm today Alex headed out solo from San Francisco to Kauai on his 50′ sailbloat, TRUTH.  A small group of us went out on the San Francisco Bay to watch his start and wish him a safe and fun journey.  It was a beautiful day and I am so happy to have been able to share such a great experience with family and great friends!  In between sun burning myself and drinking endless champagne, I snapped a few photos that I thought I’d share!  Thanks to everyone who came out and helped so much! It was a great send-off for Alex!

Wishing Alex fair seas and skies!


If you’re interested in tracking the race go to and look for TRUTH!  He’s the one in front!


TRUTH taking the lead!!


relaxing before the big race!


TRUTH Racing!


Relaxing with Zander on Truth pre-race!


loving the lifejacket with auntannabel! (one word)


Almost start time!

With Grandma pre-race!


Me with Hillary watching Alex by the GG bridge! – thanks to Annabel for the photo!


TRUTH’s home town-Diablo!


Heading out to the gate!


Going out under the Golden Gate! See you in Kauai!  a little foggy!!














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