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Rizer’s Royal Request (take my poll)!

My job often has funny twists and turns which take me from MODEL to GODKNOWSWHO in 0 to 60.  Such is the case next week.  I am honored and excited yet, admittedly a tad perplexed to have been chosen to report in London as a fashion expert for a special on THE ROYAL WEDDING!  It is an unbelievable opportunity which I could not be more thrilled about!  It’s airing on BBC in the US and I’ll  be sure to fill you in on when, as soon as I know!

One problem, I haven’t really been following what Kate is planning to wear!  I’ve spent a fair part of this week doing some research on Kate’s style as well as some potential wedding dress designers.  There are many choices to choose from, classic, elegant, sexy, modern, avant guard and more.  I think it’s fair to say that whatever this gorgeous bride chooses, there is zero chance she will make a mistake.  Not only has Kate showcased her chic style to us over the years but, she has a few castles filled with people to help her make the perfect choice for her day!

As honored as I am, I do feel a little uncomfortable remarking on such a personal choice.  Your wedding day is the day to make yourself look and feel as beautiful as you could possibly imagine.  Who am I to say what makes her feel like the most beautiful version of herself?  I’m not.  I do promise to do my best.  Between now and the wedding I will freshen up on royal culture and what we can expect from the Princess to be!

With that said, I hope you’ll cast a vote on your choice for Kate’s wedding dress designer!  I’m hoping she will choose one of my four pics but, if not, she will no doubt look like a goddess!  I won’t tell you who I would LOVE to see her in just yet (though it just may rhyme with McBean).

Feel free to send me any thoughts or comments as to what you hope to see Kate shining in on her once in a lifetime, fairytale wedding day.

Here’s to all the beautiful brides!


A Temperley London Wedding Dress

Classic Bruce Oldfield Gown!

A Sophie Cranston Wedding Gown design

Gorgeous McQueen Wedding Gown!

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